#100BM Day 23
Brought my Chromebook to breakfast, but the hippy cafĂ©’s WiFi is not working, so here is a rare phone blog.

Chiro approves of three runs per week, especially at the beginning of biking season. He runs marathons and knows my sordid/halfassed training history, so this was valuable input.

I watched Going Clear last night and didn’t learn much, but it was still a pretty compelling bit of tv. The anti-doc websites that the Co$ have put online are pretty ridiculous and self-condemning too. I won’t link to them here because I don’t want them to get direct referrals from here, but if you look for a mag called Freedom, they should pop up. Maybe do that in Incognito mode.

Goodness, boring the arse off myself, so it must be time to go bike in the sunshine and further avoid this most irritating of holidays.

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