#100BM Day 75, probably.

Been to two more shows today, with one to go. Way off my record of six in one day, but I accidentally slept in embarrassingly late, then didn’t leave my flat until 2.

I haven’t spoken to anyone outside of shop clerks, and theatre and coffee shop staff today. Have literally been standing among hundreds/thousands of people for six hours, but said virtually nothing. Except on Twitter.

As a weird loner, I am not finding this problematic. Yet. I am listening to a lot of Radiohead while fighting my way through through the turtley crowds to drown out the peopliness of my days.

I listened to a lot of Radiohead when I lived here in 1999, including the afternoon of my first arrival when I got lost in the fog for hours trying to find my flat with only OK Computer for company. On my swank Panasonic Shockwave with 30 second skip protection. That thing was a beast.

Right, time for more queuing. Maybe for a sandwich first.

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