Debbie Allen.


I had a record-breaking number of page views (over a hundred!) yesterday and I have one man to thank: Jim Rash. One of the co-writers of the Academy Award-winning screenplay for The Descendants, it is because of him that I am truly an internet celebrity.

"Wait, is that guy on stage Dean Pelton?"

"Wait, is that guy on stage Dean Pelton?"

Not only that, but an international internet celebrity!


I am certain that all of my new visitors will absolutely become regular readers; I mean, with the brilliance yesterday’s entry contained, how could they not? I compared Billy Crystal to an old shoe, which is a turn of phrase never before uttered and therefore amazing, don’t you think? Plus, there was a clever jibe at young people! Everyone hates young people!

Boy, things are gonna change. With my newfound fame, I feel like I should be having caviar for breakfast served to me by a gorgeous cabana boy instead of eating cereal in front of a computer screen with a whiny cat at my feet. But who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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