Hey, I don’t have to write today! But I am. Briefly. I had a dream that a clone (named Gruel Something) and the coach of the U.S. Men’s lacrosse team (sure?) helped me get to Heathrow and then told me that they wanted nothing more to do with me, and handed me over to the authorities. That’s notable, right?

Here’s an actual notable thing. As you might know, I’m a great admirer of Stephen Fry, not just because of ‘QI’, ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’, and The Liar, but also because he is very open and honest about his struggles with mental illness and has become quite the advocate in that field (and has made some excellent documentaries about it that helped me learn a lot about bipolar disorder).

A few years ago (back in 2007), he gave an interview about this. Part of that interview has been turned into a comic at Zen Pencils.

Wait, what?

No, really. It’s great. You can read it here.

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