Jimmy Cliff.


At work, so I’ll keep this brief.

So far today, my phone has stopped working (actually due to a billing SNAFU, so when I get home, I get to call R0g3rs and figure out wtf), I’ve had to leave my bike at the shop because the rear brakes straight-up don’t work, and I realised that I’ve left both my wallet and glasses at home.

But I had a nice, front-brake-only commute along the river this morning, so not everything is terrible. Also, it’s Richard’s birthday, so we went out for a swanky dinner last night and I’m still riding on fumes from that (not literally – at least not anymore). And there will be free cake to celebrate the reopening of Rideau Street tomorrow. Double yessssss.

Here’s another reminder that October may be ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’, but that tacking pink ribbons all over the damned place is not the way to fix anything.

Also, here is some of the best acting Zooey Deschanel has/will ever done/do. The fear, the confusion, the disgust, all of it.

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