Joe Btfsplk.


In an utterly foul mood this morning and I’m tired of complaining about not sleeping, so I won’t. Except, y’all, it really, really sucks to be so utterly exhausted, especially when you still don’t have a working water heater to blast you with life-giving shower water.

Anyway, two things.

  1. The episode of Professor Blastoff that I saw recorded in Montréal in July is up as of today. It’s pretty entertaining. You might hear my laugh, or shouting ‘WHAT?’ (during a clip Aaron played), if you listen carefully (maybe?).
  2. Jack Monroe spoke at the TUC (Trades Union Congress) in the UK yesterday. Here’s what she said.

Incidentally, if you are interested in helping a food bank, some of the local ones (including the Parkdale Food Centre in my neighbourhood) have started asking for donations of crockpots. They are a fairly cheap, excellent tool for people on a budget who might not have time to cook in the evenings, so if you have a local food bank, and a spare $20, maybe see if you can help out someone in your community.

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