Jump rope.



Missed a day entirely. Whoops. I didn’t even manage to upload a photo or anything. That’s fairly sad, since about every 20 minutes yesterday, I thought “I should write something”.

But writing about that is boring. I should be fascinating.

Except that it is much earlier than I would normally be up/alive because I have to be at work by about 7:50, to let the carpet-and-upholstery cleaning crew in. All glamour, all the time, that’s my motto.

This is actually fine. I have a few hours to make up, it will be nice to get some work done without interruption from my boss, other staff, or the public. I am lazy by nature, and easily distracted, so most disruptions lead to my spiralling off into non-productivity. Or, if I’m having a good run at one of my tasks (researching film reviews, data entry, dusting my office, waiting on hold – my life is all excitement), someone coming in and talking to/at me will drive me to fury right quick.

I fear working in a Big Office again (it’s been 10+ years). People at those kind of places talk all the time.

I’m off to An Event tonight. It’s also an opportunity to toast a year since Very Bad Things happened/were resolved. And drink plenty.

And now I have to figure out to wear (suitable for biking, work, and schmoozing) when I am barely excelling at coffee consumption right now (burned my mouth on the first sip). Ack.

One thought on “Jump rope.

  1. Jackie

    The key to working in a big office is headphones. They don’t even have to be expensive ones. Cultivating a pained “fuck, am I busy” look doesn’t hurt either.

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