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I have literally been up for almost two and a half hours and accomplished little more than drinking coffee and eating toast. I did read a lot of Wikipedia entries about the Cambridge Five and have now concluded (again) that I would be hideous at the espionage game. I have no overwhelming ideological or nationalistic notions, I’m a terrible liar, and am too scatterbrained to keep anything of import straight without having Google calendar bleeping at me or Post-It notes stuck directly to my forehead. Not ideal.

That having been said, I rewatched bits of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy last night, again, and wondered, again, why I don’t read spy novels. My parents did. My brothers did (do?). I watched plenty of movies about spies (OK, mostly James Bond ones, which I suspect are not all that based in reality (except Moonraker, which was obviously non-fiction)), but books?

Maybe I subconsciously believe that even fictional espionage — in print, rather than dumbed-down movie form — is too complicated for my poor wee brain. For Cold War-era stuff, I will almost definitely need to a Dramatis Personae and possibly a flowchart to keep track of everyone/thing.

Sad, isn’t it? Sometimes I joke about not knowing how to read, but lately, I really am struggling to enjoy anything remotely challenging literature-wise. Is there a spy novel for dummies that isn’t dumb?

Yesterday afternoon at work, I had to be manager, projectionist, and cashier all at the same time due to a series of unfortunate events. I do not recommend this.

I also do not recommend tempting fate by stating that you can do anyone’s job, but not excel at any of them, because you will be proven right.

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