Keeping it clean.


Time-pressed today (funny how being two days ahead on a project can turn so quickly into being at least half a day behind), so here’s a tiny, not-for-the-squeamish entry:

On the way to the chiropractor this morning, I saw a woman walking four dogs, four chocolate labs and another pooch of similar size, and carrying a clear plastic shopping bag full of poops. FULL OF POOPS.

Yes, cats can be revolting (always horking hair balls on carpeting or bedding, bathing while sitting next to your (previously) sleeping head, pooping just outside the litter box in protest of its lack of pristineness, etc.), but good lord, lady, at least I never had to DISPLAY A BAG OF POOPS in public.

Even if one assumes that this was not her usual m.o., that maybe she was out of more opaque shit conveyances, she was smiling as she stooped down to pick up more dog bum leavings USING THE SAME BAG. That ain’t right. I don’t how care lovely and loyal your canine friends are.

3 thoughts on “Keeping it clean.

  1. Jackie

    I have heard that once one has had babies, one can sometimes lose one’s sense of modesty about things one would normally not do in public, such as whipping out a boob. Full disclosure: I have had no children. HOWEVER. Having owned and dogsat many dogs, walking around with a bag of poop is no big thing. Yeah, it’s gross for sure, and certainly I wouldn’t choose a clear bag as my optimum tool here, but if you’re caught off-guard (and your dog decides annoyingly to save some deposits for later in the walk, well after you thought he was done, not that my mom’s dog is pretty much AWFUL for this or anything), it’s better than leaving it, because then someone like me will step in it and walk funny for blocks, mortified, looking for a park bench and a stick. So you do this enough times (the poop bag toting, not the poop-step shame walk) and you become desensitized.


  2. megan

    Oh, I know dogs poop. That’s fine. I used to dogsit quite a lot, so I can deal with cleanup. But this was a FULL shopping bag (four dogs’ worth) and it was just…odd. And grody.

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