Keeping up.


#100BM Day 84.

Ate an actual meal (mashed potatoes, sole, ginger ale) tonight, which is sitting (thus far) comfortably in my unchallenged-in-36-hours belly. I am, however, back to hacking up lung crud and my migraine-y sinus headache is back with a vengeance.

Managed to work a 2/3 day today during which I accomplished approximately 1/3 of day’s work. It wasn’t my best decision.

Maybe I didn’t have food poisoning, ’cause now Weebro is claiming he has the same. I am skeptical, as he is a hypochrondriac with a sensitive stomach always.

I’m going to bed (before 8). Here’s Sara Pascoe, whom I saw at the Fringe, and is very, very funny.

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