Keeping up.


The last week or so has been absolute hell for several people close to me, so perhaps blogging about frivolities isn’t that appropriate, but neither would revealing other people’s personal problems and their effects on me. And some are fairly significant.

So here we go with the nonsense.

It’s been a while, eh? I have done no writing at all outside of Twitter and Facebook in 2014, which is pretty pathetic. But I have done a fair amount of actual sit-down-and-study style trivia prep, though, which is a new thing. It’s still pretty scattershot, as I will write a list of Alkali Earth Metals and their properties, then set it aside and try to recall of this year’s Oscar nominees from memory, then forget all the chemistry nonsense* completely.

This is not ideal. I imagine the Jesse Honeys and similar folk can sit down and focus for more than five minutes at a time and actually absorb information that they are reading.

Also, I expect most of them give a shit about sportsing and can name more than three teams in the Bundesliga and, y’know, some past winners. That’s probably my biggest handicap. Aside from popular music, classical music, mythology, math, and about 19 other things I know barely an iota about.

All this to humblebrag that through determination, luck, and actually writing 11 out of 12 months***, I came in 39th in the world in Hot 100 Overall standings for the last year. I was also 3rd in Canada and 7th in North America.

Sure, this is a significant event to only a handful of nerds on this continent, and a slighly more significant smattering of geeks elsewhere, but it’s progress (of a sort) and a small concession from the universe after a different Welsh-named Ottawa woman got on ‘Jeopardy!’ instead of me.

Bah. How will I make my fortune now?

I have few skills, no attention span, and good hair. Maybe it’s time to pitch my reality show ‘Slovenly Spinster Life’.

* Not actually nonsense. I’m no scientician, but I think we’re made of chemistry?

** Scores are cumulative, which, even as a non-mathematist, I know is a bit bullshitty.

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