Kickin’ it faux Baltic-style.


Apologies for radio silence. It’s not your fault; I started watching ‘Six Feet Under’ and it’s taking priority over everything else on Earth right now.

Here’s a thing I made this weekend. It’s basically like salade russe made by someone who is not terribly pro-mayo, didn’t have any pickles in the house(!!!!), and has only a vague knowledge of the original recipe.

Oh, and has never eaten it before.

Block-rockin’ beets (salad):

  • Roast about 1.5lbs of beets (peeled if you think the skins are very thick, tossed in olive oil and salt) at 350F for about an hour. Take out of oven. Let cool, then cut into cubish pieces and throw in a bowl.
  • While beets are cooling, boil three or four medium-sized potatoes (cut up into cubish pieces, natch) until cooked. Drain, rinse in cold water, drain again, throw in with cubed beets.
  • Chop up half a small onion into a rough dice. Throw in bowl. (A couple of shallots might be better for this, but I didn’t have any.)
  • Make dressing from white wine vinegar (a glug), coarse dijon (two heaped tbsp), dill (…some from a bunch?), olive oil (a sploosh), salt (a pinch or two) and plain yogurt (a goodly dollop) whizzed up with some kind of bladey tool that isn’t Billy Bob Thornton. Dump that on the rooty veg and onion mix and stir together.
  • Garnish with more dill and some fresh chive.
  • Eat, wondering if it would be better with herring and vodka on the side, and whether your poops will be alarming red tomorrow.

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