#100BM Day 55

Apparently, there’s a sportsing boxing thing today that is a big deal. I hope that one guy wins. No, the other guy. No, neither, I think boxing is kinda dumb and grotesque and icky.

I am too tired for weekly movie-watching after-hours at work, even though this week’s selection is one of my favourites ever. So much interrupted sleep this week that Saturday night’s all right for zzzzzzz and little else.

My monthly trivia dealie did not go very well today. It was the first time in several months that I didn’t get 50+ points. I’m also irritated that LAST month’s scores haven’t been posted online yet so I can’t swagger. Or something.

I may have been able to get one of Hamish’s pills ingested today.

I rescued three bumblebees (or one very dumb one) from inside my house, which has me concerned that I am living in the set-up for a Z-grade horror movie from the 1950s.

The new Avengers movie was hella fun and makes me want to get crazy fit. I need to book a movie where they pay for trainers and nutritionists and shit because a multi-million dollar carrot and a contract are probably the only ways I will get there.

Fuck it, I am going to bed.

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