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One day, I’ll learn to make time to write in the evenings instead of this short, time-crunched drivel in the morning, but as a follow-up to yesterday’s not terribly well-formed entry, the Feds $9.6 million from Library and Archives Canada budget and trimmed a lot of other arts/culture funding. But, as I haven’t had/made the time to read the details, I’m not sure what all this means yet.

Why no time? I went to see a recording of Q last night, which was great. There are few interviewers better on this continent (and possibly any other) than Jian Ghomeshi, though, in the Q&A afterwards, he said that his great interviews were a collaborative effort. Which was nice and humble.

Seriously, the team behind that show is pretty amazing and if you don’t listen to the show on a regular basis, you really should consider it. Last night’s recording was live to tape and will be on this morning across Canada. Blue Rodeo and Dan Mangan played. Jian spoke to Scott Heggart, the anonymous ‘gay jock’ turned spokesperson for You Can Play, and talked April Wine with Dr. Andrea McCrady, the Dominion Carilloneur. And the media panel talked about the budget; Judy Rebick’s opinions were very popular.

(Proof again that Canada is a country pretending to be a small town, Judy Rebick used to host a show on Newsworld with Claire Hoy, who was a neighbour of mine. I babysat his kids. He was a very nice man. I didn’t know much about his politics at the time. Heh.)

Seriously, give it a listen today. And then wonder how everyone who works on that show isn’t perpetually tired or going mad from overwork.

On that lame, not-at-all-paid-for-by-the-losing-10%-of-its-budget-CBC plug, I’m off to get my haircut. I love having short hair, but damn, is it ever expensive to maintain.

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