La cucina.


#100BM Day 64

I’m up to my ears in work for the next little while, but R. spoke two magic words today that brought this ad back to my life and I had to wordbarf about it for two minutes before fighting with Excel some more.

It bugged me when it was new, now it’s mostly just hilariously offensive.

Poor kid, visiting distant relatives in a foreign land, being fed Ragu instead of (seriously, so easy to do) homemade sauce, and having to repeat one of his two polite stock phrases instead of reacting as a realteenager visiting North America for the first time would: by saying ‘fuck this’ (or Italian equivalent) and going out for a burger instead.

Of course, now I could really go for some spaghetti with sauce from a jar, so I guess advertising works.

But then, this early incarnation of the campaign doesn’t make me want ketchup on overcooked noodles, so that’s not universally true.

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