Le pastie de la bourgeoisie.


(I’m coming up on my 150th entry in a row. Is that worth celebrating? Not if this kind of thing represents the quality of entries. Oy vey.)

Huh, the new(-to-me) Kindle arrived overnight. I’m working on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which, so far, is super engaging and not too sciency for someone who had to default to an arts degree because she couldn’t handle dissecting a fetal pig in Grade 11 Biology. I never though I’d be a popular science-y person, but Mary Roach got me started and has maybe enabled a new addiction. If you haven’t read Stiff or Packing for Mars, do.

I also got an Aeropress yesterday, a few months after sampling my first cup from one. I need to do some experimenting still (and should probably buy a cheap thermometer for said experimenting), but man it makes a fine brew. Especially with this coffee from Bytown Beanery. If you live in the ‘hood, think about throwing some business their way.

This short, consumption-based entry is brought to you by my early chiropractor appointment and limited transit links to the Glebe, which is only 4.5km away, but might as well be Tibet. An addendum might appear later.

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