(Holidailies Day #10)

Got into a knitting and mainlining tv cycle after work (started watching ‘Penny Dreadful’, which I am still not sure is good, but is damned intriguing thus far, and has a lot of male nudity, so bonus). It’s blizzardy. It feels appropriate.

Unfortunately, I am exhausted and feel like I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned today, so this is totally a phoned-in entry just so I don’t miss a day of Holidailies.

TIL: Jacki Weaver, the marvellous actress who seemingly appeared out of nowhere (well, Australia) in 2010’s Animal Kingdom, for which she got an Oscar nomination, and then two years later got another one for Silver Linings Playbook was in Picnic at Hanging Rock, Peter Weir’s 1975 murder-myster that put Aussie film on the global map.

OK, so it’s no Kevin Bacon in Animal House, but whaddya gonna do?

How I learned it: Film research for work. How thrilling.

4 thoughts on “Lamingtons.

    • megan

      They are awfully delightful. I’d never had one until an Australia Day event here earlier this year. To our staff’s delight, there were plenty left over too.

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