So, I will update later this week.  It’s been raining coldly for the last two days, so I haven’t done much anything since the weekend.

I do have this stuff, though.  I am tempted to mix the heavy clay soil in that blank, maple seedling-infested patch with compost and top soil and then spread a mixture of the wildflower seeds with grass seed, just to see what happens.  It it takes, it would be nice, but if it doesn’t, eh, I’ll live.

Grass really is a total waste of time, though, so maybe I’ll skip that bit.

I also bought about $35 worth of pine and some patio screws to build my first raised garden bed.  Hopefully, I can work on that this weekend.  I don’t know how to use power tools (ridiculous, I know), so I might wait until I have a supervisor and/or helpermonkey (besides the cat).  I am not known for my coordinatory skills.

I also bought a lovely cedar window box for growing herbs on the porch.  Suggestions?  I have basil seeds and..well, I think that’s it.  Unless catnip counts.

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