Lazy days.


↑ Actually, I know plenty about being lazy, but today can’t be one of those days.

Not only did yesterday have about four hours fewer than I needed, I had to fill in for the downstairs manager for a time (this was arranged earlier in the week, but I had forgotten about), so I couldn’t be at my desk for a long stretch of afternoon. Things were left undone. I am behind bigtime in my review research for the January-February guide and will have to spend a chunk of today catching up.

“Why didn’t you just stay late?” I did. I was at work until 9. But I was absolutely not functioning at human levels and staying later than that wouldn’t have been particularly beneficial. Besides, I have booze at home. Which always helps work go more smoothly, right? Well, until the second drink is finished.

But first! Christmas has come early! Rather, it’s coming early, because the only two events I have to go to this year are next weekend and I haven’t even started my baking. I’m also volunteering at an event tonight, for which I promised to bring cookies to sell. On top of that, I am off to two craft sales, but at least both of those are nearby, and are both more about inspiration that actually buying things.

Anyway, really, staring down the barrel of my day off, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Last night I shared a taxi with a Botswanan I’d just met.

I don’t even have a proper story about it, but felt I had to mention it because it makes me sound windswept and interesting, but in fact he just lived halfway between downtown and my house and had been hanging out with a mutual friend.

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