Letdown (and hanging around?)


I have a whole day off and I’m terribly inspired to write (unless you want to hear about the radioactive (cartoon-style) snot that is fighting its way out of my head). Which is a shame. It’s a beautiful, albeit cold day (no snowpocalypse here – it hasn’t been snowing at all lately) and I had planned on making my illustrious return to running this morning until the mucous monster struck with his razor blade-wielding friends.

Instead, I am going to pretend it is Sunday and read the NY Times I didn’t get to read due to the visiting of old people and slot machines (I won $48) yesterday.  I made scones for the first time in years and I’m eating them with homemade raspberry-blueberry jam I made last summer. The cat is snoring very noisily and meorfling in his sleep. Seems a nice way to spend a sicky, in-lieu holiday Monday.

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