Letting it go.


Opted for lying in bed (not sleeping, unfortunately) and making a proper breakfast ((veggie) BLT) over writing this morning. In today’s edition of My Glamourous Showbiz Life, I have to be at work three hours earlier than usual to let in the folks who are steam-cleaning the auditorium seats. Such fun!

So this entry is just to remind y’all that I am not yet immune to fat days and ‘not caring’ about my weight. I wish I was, but I think deprogramming might take another 34 years of work sometimes. But here’s a thing that an olde friend posted on Facebook this morning about why the BMI is junk. (The article is a bit old in internet terms, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Also, it’s not intimidatingly science-y.)

My BMI as of some time in the last week is 25.4, which would make me ‘overweight’. But only a fool would believe that. Unfortunately, sometimes, that fool is me.

Here’s that link to Health at Every Size again.


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