Short and sweet today, because I am about to drown in a sea of film reviews and cake batter.

Not at the same time, thankfully, because that’s how one gets ants. Probably.

TIL: The first selfie was taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius.

How I learned this:
A Google search after wondering why otherwise lovely people I know take photos of themselves all the time (I mean daily or more often than that, not that I’m immune to taking pictures of myself too, but I do it far less often than I used to because I was irritating even myself), thinking about the history of self-portraiture, and wondering how early in photographic history people managed to take portraits of themselves.

Of course, if I had been paying attention when the Oxford English Dictionary chose ‘selfie’ as the word of 2013 (a fact I did know from a headline or HIGNFY or something), I might have learned this last year around this time. Ah well.

Per the OED, the word selfie probably comes from a caption on a drunken photo taken in 2002, so you can blame an inebriated Aussie for this fairly annoying, ubiquitous word.

It’s a much better modern Antipodean feat than surfing on a dead whale.

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