Libbets Casey.


Slept in, which isn’t good on a cash-and-carry day, because it means I can’t leave for work until 9ish, so I don’t have to worry about unloading my car in front of the cinema during rush hour. This delays everything. Though, really, everything delays everything, as I’ve no way to get to work in a car that doesn’t involve construction.

Also, it’s so beautiful outside right now that the idea of driving to work makes me sad.

I had weird dreams where I was growing a downy coat of fur, mostly on my chest and shoulders. I’m already pretty darned hairy for someone of northern European descent, so this was a bit distressing. I woke up this morning wondering if it was going to be too hot to wear a cardigan to hide my shame. I blame my wearing leggings yesterday to cover up incipient stubble for this subsconscious fuckery.

Speaking of body judgment, I find the post-breakup Katie Holmes fascinating. There were rumours that she sometimes dressed, well, like a less-than-Fancy Lady to make Tom mad, because he would tell her that she had to dress a certain way because HE was Tom Cruise and people expected her to be as shiny and toothy and well turned out as he is. Now she’s just dressing like a well-to-do, busy professional single mom lady and people are still super judgy about her clothing and body size.

‘She looks too skinny!’
Dude, she’s pretty fit and naturally thin AND is going through a divorce. Give her a break.

‘This post-breakup makeover makes her seem smug! She broke his heart! He was caught off-guard!’
And? She looks great. Isn’t that the best revenge? It’s like the rich person version of chopping off one’s hair. I also tend to thing that her smirky smiles are totally deserved and appropriate. I mean, look at what her life was for six years. Bemusement is probably the best way to feel about that, rather than regret. Hopefully, one day, she and Suri can buy groceries without 300 paps following them and she can just, y’know, live. Then the real smiles’ll come, I’m sure.

‘She’s only married him to further her career.’
I guess it’s possible, but I also think she’s was pretty smitten and caught up in the fairy tale of marrying a bona fide movie star, one whose poster was on her wall as a teenager, at least initially.

(Hey, remember how great The Ice Storm was? I should watch that again.)

Okay, that last one doesn’t fit with the theme I was trying to go for. I just love this whole scenario, even though the settlement means less dirt on their weird, glamourous, sheltered life. I love this shit, even though I kinda hate myself for being so invested in it. I want Suri and Matilda Williams-Ledger to be friends – maybe, through Jason Segel, she can get some kind of Apatow role, if Jack & Jill hasn’t ostracized her from the comedy community entirely. I want Holmes & Yang to do well. I kinda want a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ reunion, even though I would watch such a thing through my fingers out of cringiness.

And I really, really hope Suri grows up to be a psychiatrist.

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