Lighthearted jokes about serial killers.*


Sometimes I remember that, at one point, I mostly knew the Beach Boys from Kokomo and their cameos on ‘Full House’ and I have to hide in a mountain cave for several months to get away from the shame.

I spent a large hunk of my weekend watching more episodes of ‘Bunheads’ and powering through the MGM Stories (omg Lana Turner’s life) on the ‘You Must Remember This‘ podcast. The latter is absolutely great, the former unevenly good.

I’m now heading into an earlier season of the podcast, which is about the Manson family, because good golly, I’ve just been too darned cheerful lately. Maybe the anger and disgust will fuel my slow, now-outdoor runs in new and useful ways.

Anyway, kudos to Karina Longworth for doing the podcast I would love to do myself, if I weren’t so lazy, mumbly, and untalented.

*I realise that of my five readers (approx.), three (maybe four) might not be getting the perhaps seemingly random titles of my recent not-quite-daily posts. They are all ‘Gilmore Girls’ references. Yes, they made jokes about Charles Manson’s family on the show. At a joyous, ren faire wedding. It wasn’t all daisies and puppies and Paul Frank pyjamas, y’all.

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