Liking champagne too.


#100BM Day 24

  • Likes Piña coladas
  • Likes getting caught in the rain*
  • Not into yoga
  • Have half a brain
  • Likes making love at midnight ** on the dunes of the Cape***


* Mid-May through mid-September only
** It’s been a while, but sure. The term bums me out, à la Liz Lemon with ‘lover’.
*** Good god, no. I’m still finding sand in a tote bag I brought to the beach last July. My lady parts can’t handle that.

10 thoughts on “Liking champagne too.

  1. Erica

    We’re not in our twenties anymore. Midnight is for sleeping. Shenanigans of THAT sort are for waking hours only. (SLEEP, PRECIOUS SLEEP)

    • Jackie

      I always wondered why, when she walked into the restaurant to meet, they’re all like “Oh it’s you LOL” and didn’t immediately break into a huge fight over the fact they were both out to cheat on each other.

      Mind you the specification was for HALF a brain.

  2. Jackie

    If a dude used the phrase “making love”, I would immediately doubt he had the skills and conviction to make the experience worth having. He *might* be able to recover from this through performance, but he’d be working from a deficit. Yes, this is judgy. I am judgy.

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