Literary marriages.


#100BM Day 87


Hamish and I were married.

Lest you think that my cat and I had an even more intense/creepier relationship, like that woman who married the Berlin Wall, it was a fictional wedding and he was a human in it.

Nope, this isn’t about bestiality fanfic either.

A few years ago, the darling comedian and writer Mark Watson held a charity auction on eBay and one of the prizes was having your name put into his then-forthcoming novel The Knot. I won. Then I realised that that kind of fangirlery was slightly (very) embarrassing, so I asked Mr Watson if he could use Hamish’s name instead. He said sure.

But then we both turned up.


So, instead of being a weird overaged fangirl, I got married to my cat. I should probably get that on a t-shirt.

I have met Mark a few times, in five different towns so far, so that is pretty fangirly. I am not sure how humans are supposed to act sometimes, but I think the encounters, although awkward because I’m involved, are friendly and normalish? But I sure can’t help but think that he just sees me as Full Weirdo when I recall this literary marriage.

Ah well, at least we were good-looking?

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