Little Green Men.


Frantically trying to finish a second mitten in a pair (the main body, anyway) tonight. I had to rebuild part of the pattern myself to customise it and they have to be finished, blocked, and dry before Sunday’s staff Christmas party. It’s pretty typical to overextend myself on these things – I make things because it is cheaper financially, but they ended up taking twice as long as I think they will to finish, so the value of DIY ends up in the shitter. Merry Christmas!

In preparation for going to a (free) screening of The Force Awakens on Friday morning, we watched the Despecialised edition of A New Hope on Friday night and mentioned to R. that one of my favourite things about the whole original trilogy is Yoda’s butt. It’s just adorable. And Yoda is such a brat that that scene makes me very happy.

R’s watching Empire Strikes Back tonight and I am wicked jealous.

Tiny green butts.

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