Hyperthermic sleep.


So, do men have hot feet? I had Thanksgiving dinner last night and the three men at the table said that sometimes their feet get too hot for them to sleep properly. I’m fairly sure that my feet have only been properly hot about three times in my life. I sleep with a wool blanket over my feet (in addition to other bed linens) if the weather is cool. Two of my dinnermates also related that one can sleep with one’s face too fiercely in the pillow, leading to morning eyesocket ache. This doesn’t make sense to me. However, as I regularly hurt my back by sleeping oddly, I can’t judge. Much.

I’m going to try to write something more significant today, I promise, but, at the moment, finding out what went down after the Downton wedding (I’m a week behind) seems to be of the highest priority. That and eating starchy things covered in gravy. And doing some yardwork later. And finishing last night’s wine.

I have to fit in some work too, mostly just updating speadsheets for document merging/formatting. How exciting my life can be. But for now, back to that dread overload television.

One thought on “Hyperthermic sleep.

  1. Pedro Dubielski

    I find I have quite the opposite problem with my feet, which I attribute to bad circulation and lack of cat on feet due to the fact that I am a “violent sleeper.”

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