Lives of the saints.


#100BM Day 6

Question based on having been stuck in the Big Business-y bit of downtown Toronto, between train journeys, on a Sunday morning, and wandering around the post-apocalyptic-looking Ottawa after 8pm, or any time on weekends, is there life in your medium-to-large city’s core when the office bits are closed? Because it is really weird to find that most coffee shops in areas surrounded by hotels are closed on a Saturday at 9am. Where do the tourists go, or are they stuck with the mall a few blocks East and room service?

(Admittedly, there aren’t a lot of tourists in Ottawa in March, but still.)

I also learned this morning that the main branch library doesn’t open until 10, so finding anything to do after my de-monobrowing procedure at 9 and Klassy McBreakfast with R. after 10 involved sitting in a hotel-adjacent Starbucks, reading someone else’s left-behind newspaper. As one does.

In fairness, Ottawa’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was on today, so STUFF does happen in this town, but after walking along the route running errands for a good 20 minutes, I am 99% sure that there were more twice as many participants than spectators.

I do continue to be fascinated by how and why an adult human would acquire a wig made of green tinsel and green shamrock-festooned trousers. But my Irish ancestors were Protestants, so what do I know?

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