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My regular alarm clock went off about fifteen minutes ago, but I’ve already been up for more than two hours and on a train for one of those. No complaints. There is almost nowhere I’d rather be than on a train, especially when I am tired, coming off a great weekend, and not sitting next to anyone and therefore don’t have to worry about the accidental sleeplean-and-drool-on-a-stranger problem.

I’m on the south-facing side so I have a good view of Lake Ontario much of the time, which is great. Today is not one of those days where a vast expanse of water makes me nervous (this happens now and again, usually if I stare at really big lakes or the ocean). Instead, I’m thinking about doing some internetty research on fisheries in the Great Lakes.

Obviously, the Great Lakes are kinda icky (train WiFi won’t even let me search YouTube for that SNL (?) sketch about selling chunky, poisonous Great Lakes water), and more of use as shipping routes than food sources, but there must have been a time when there were fleets of fishing boats, right? I’ve taken the train to/from Cornwall (the English one) and up all sorts of coasts in Scotland and seen small fleets of fishing vessels in seemingly every harbour-y place along the way, but you don’t see that on the North shore of Lake Ontario. Sure, a lake, even a massive one, is not a sea, but still, I feel like there should be SOMEthing fishery-y. When was that last ‘a thing’? Was it ever a thing?

I’m gonna go see what I can find.

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