Long-term planning.


I caved and took some painkiller/muscle relaxants last night because my back, to use the technical term, is fucked. For the last few days, it’s been creaky/achy, mostly in the mid-back regions. As of yesterday afternoon, my neck has joined in. As of last night, my lower back is the most cranky.

I have full mobility, except in my neck, where I never do, but any movement generally makes me go ‘nnnnnnnngh’, which is not how C+C Music Factory would have it, so I’m taking it easy. Which, fucking hell, look outside. I was supposed to be snowboarding/being beaten up by a mountain today.

It's Ferris Bueller's Day's Off, but winter. (Taken through a set of windows, hence the (dirty) screeny grid.


Likely culprits:

  1. Not replacing my orthotics (my arches are fucked) in three years (no, I am not wearing three-year-old ones, but I’m not sure wearing none at all is good for me).
  2. Sitting stupidly at my desk for long periods of time (which usually just results in neck pain).
  3. Slipping, windmilling, and falling on my ass on Tuesday night (which I had totally forgotten about until last night when my brother asked if that was why my back was bothering me).

Also slightly concerned that my doc and/or my chiropractor will tell me to do yoga instead of weight training. I didn’t actually, y’know, ask if I was okay to hit an old-school gym. I often forget how completely fucked my back was a few years ago (pre-orthotics, pre-regular adjustments) and how much better I felt after I went to yoga classes. Fell out of the habit, though. Once my spine stops throbbing, I should probably try again. Flexibility and strength throughout my body would probably help.

BTW, I’m 34, not 90, so this is all very distressing. I’ve never been an I’M INVICIBLE kind of young idiot, but I always thought I was a bit less…vincible?

I do have to go for a walk today, lest the cat starve to death due to lack of canned food. I’m going to have to do it in my most arch-supporty footwear, my (semi-)gleamy white running shoes. Which makes me feel really cool. But at least I’ll get to enjoy a little bit of sun.

To cheer y’all (and me) up, here’s a thread on Gawker about another Stupid Human Trick, farting. If your instant reaction is ‘Ewwww’, it’s sure not the thread for you. It made me cry with laughter, though.

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