Look at that.


(Before I officially start, I have to mentioned all the hype about Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene? Is not exaggeration. Her performance is absolutely amazing.)

“I’m going to write every day!”, blah blah. Well, I’m embarking on an 11-ish hour shift at Cinema Gringo (™@vdaedalus) because one of our weekend managers is away. Only one show of The Busiest Film of the Season today, which is a blessing and a curse; it means that the squillion people who want to see it will all be there at once, instead of splitting between two (or three) spates of busyness. I think my team can deal, if popcorn supplies hold out.

However, it means that I have limited time and brainpower to actually write, so here are some links and clips and things to entertain you instead (some of which I have posted elsewhere, so if you are a friend on Facebook or Twitter, then suck it up, there are repeats).