Lord and Lady Douchebag.


Thoroughly excellent lazy day yesterday. Yes, I did complete my laundry duties, get my eyebrows waxed, and bought cat food, but I also biked to the Rochester (seriously, go there, it’s so cheap and generally empty and I don’t want it to disappear) for late lunch, a beer, and some reading, then to Pressed for a cupcake, a beer, and some reading. (Still working on that SNL book.)

Seriously, how delicious does this look?

Later in the evening, I biked back downtown to go to an engagement celebration/drinks on Elgin Street, something I would normally avoid like the plague, but as I’d barely spoken to other people all day (apart from waitstaff), I went. It was nice. And huge. And noisy and busy in a way I didn’t enjoy (because, what the hell, kids, DRINKS ON ELGIN ST. ON A SATURDAY), but the company was good enough that I didn’t mind that much. I won’t comment on the fact that the people who got engaged are more than ten years younger than I am. OR WILL I?

I also got introduced in a “YOU HAVE TO MEET THIS PERSON” way because I know this guy who writes comics and tv and shit, and is beloved in comics and tv (and…shit?) circles. That always cracks me up. Yes, my talented childhood friend married a talented man! So now I am Important by proxy. Ridiculous. And hilarious.

I wrote a long comment re. this Gawker piece, albeit on Facebook.

I think the “Girls” backlash is interesting and perhaps overblown, but the reason for the latter is that one writer (Lesley Arfin) who joked about not being represented in the movie Precious, which was tacky, insensitive, and entitled nonsense behaviour equivalent tos waving a red cape at the very corner of the media that the show was trying to court. Moron. Glibness will not win you respect; it’s an unfortunate trap that a lot of people in my cohort and younger haven’t fully understood. (I include myself in there, but I’m trying to break out of it.)

Looking at the Seinfeld examples was especially interesting, and disheartening, because of the actual racial stereotyping that went on there – I’d noticed it a bit, but not recognized the regularity with which it happened.

My friend Amelia mentioned that this article left out a rather good sitcom that had an almost entirely black cast and was a very good depiction of life in New York City, “Living Single”. I’ve only seen a few episodes, which I enjoyed, but it was never appointment television. (To be fair, neither was “Seinfeld” or “Friends” after a few years, and I started watching “Sex and the City” on DVDs gifted to me by a well-meaning, but obviously confused, friend.)

I don’t think it needs more column inches, even in this little-read space, so my brief thoughts on HBO’s attempt and going all indie and youthy:

My biggest issue with “Girls” is the entitlement of the characters and, apparently, the writers. I’ve worked with people quite like them and I’m not far enough removed from that real-life situation to find their ‘plight’ entertaining yet. Besides, I already yell at the television far too much for someone of my age (or any age).

2 thoughts on “Lord and Lady Douchebag.

  1. Katy

    What bugs me about the Girls backlash is, why now? Why this series and not some other show? This is hardly the only show with a narrow depiction of life in New York/20-somethings/white people/some other hot-button category of people or experiences. So why all the fuss now?

    • megan

      I haven’t a clue. I mean, back in the day, I heard jokes about “Where are the black Friends?”, but never the vitriol that Girls is getting.

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