Lupine rearing techniques.


It’s Remembrance Day, so, as usual, I headed down to the National War Memorial for this morning’s ceremony.

I don’t have a rule book on behaviour for these events, so I treat it kind of like a religious service; head down when appropriate, phone away, chit-chat at a minimum, not rolling eyes at the bits I don’t agree with, etc. I’m never sure if/when applause are appropriate. I try hard not to giggle when someone mispronounces something (English, French, doesn’t matter).

Most people seem to share that approach.


Side-eye to the woman on my left who was sipping coffee (YOU BROUGHT COFFEE?!) loudly during The Last Post and dude to R.’s right who was loudly smacking gum throughout the ceremony.

Loud tsks to the woman nearer the front holding up her iPad to watch/record events, blocking the view of people behind her.

A smack upside the head to the driver who repeatedly honked during the Moment of Silence because traffic had (RIGHTLY) stopped.

In related news, even the Hokey-Pokey played on a bagpipe would probably make me tear up.

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