Neither Evernote (with which I’ve largely fallen out of love), nor Google calendar will let you set up recurring tasks. I like Google Calendar. I would like to use it for everything, including for automatically creating to-do lists for things I do on certain days of the week, every week. I use a Chromebook at home and have an Android phone. Sure, I use a Mac at work, but internet!

Every once in a while, including today, I’ve been exploring options and workarounds for this, including experimenting with Keep, GTasks Recurrent (which is not user-friendly for a moron like me), and a bunch of other things that are just not right.

Especially not right was using a recipe in IFTTT to push items from Todoist into Calendar. It seemed to work. But then reposted items my test items every two minutes, on today’s date with the time of posting, rather than the time of the event, as well as on the date and time I assigned them. 62 times.

A photo posted by Megan McLeod (@blautreacle) on

A photo posted by Megan McLeod (@blautreacle) on

My brain hurts. Back to boring old spreadsheets I go, unless y’all have recommendations?


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