Cohesion is not my strong suit at the best of times, so trying to put together a paragraph, let alone an essay-like post is a serious challenge today. My life for the next week is spreadsheets and Drupal forms and proofreading, so, basically, a horrid time to be doing a challenge like Holidailies. Shockingly for a blogger/Twitterer/FB user, I don’t want to sit in front of a screen any more than I absolutely have to.

After, re. writing, I’m out of practice. Lately, in lieu of writing, repeatedly falling into Wikipedia vortices mining for ideas, or live-tweeting current events, I have been learning to knit. Well, relearning. Sorta. I could make lumpen scarves, but it took approximately two years to finish a scarf that wasn’t even long enough to tie (I only ever finished one and a half of them, and that was a decade ago), I had no idea that different gauges of yarn needed different sizes of needle, and I really hadn’t a clue how to cast off or cast on. Also, my cat likes to chew on wool. (He’s getting better about not doing that, since he is now old and lazy(ier).)

I took a workshop at a local yarn store and made a lumpen neck warmer that I probably will never wear, but everyone needs a jumping-off point. From there, I learned how to make lumpen hats. I’m wearing one right now.


A superprofessional office look. Also, I need a haircut.

Hopefully, my skills are good enough that I can get a well-received gift or three or 17 out of my work, since it’s Austerity Christmas after all. I actually didn’t mean to out myself about this because I wanted to look like a Magician of Fibre Arts and just give people handcrafted warm things and have them be AMAZED that I had this secret skill, but I’ve never been good at keeping secrets.

So, surprise! Everyone’s getting scarves or hats (pretty much)!

(Also, Nick Offerman’s right.)

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