Maintaining interest.


In the heady days of mid-December, I had planned on taking today off, not realising that a) it’s schedule day, b) banks are closed Monday, and c) my managerial staff would be poorly, so my three-day week didn’t pan out at all. I am taking Monday off instead (see that thing about the banks being closed). And I’m downstairs manager again this afternoon, meaning my ‘real’ job is on the back burner for a bit. Ah well. Going to try to watch The Artist (finally!).

Found a library book on the shelf in the living room yesterday. I hadn’t been to the library since August. I’m fairly sure that my brother ‘helpfully’ put it away there, but I’m perplexed as to why I didn’t get an e-notice saying ‘Yo, where’s our book, eh?’

More annoying than the $25 fine was the clerk saying ‘liberry’, though. Wesley, get Mama’s pryin’ board!

Speaking of liberries, I bought a Kindle version of The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge, a book I had borrowed before, but was too big for carrying around. It’ll be nice for perusing while on the bus or waiting for my Euchre buddies to come back from their ‘walks’. It doesn’t have the instant gratification of The Book of Lists, but will probably be more useful for quiz training.

Yes, quiz training. Didn’t get many offers of help with my internet pleas, but I did find some blank world maps and periodic tables on the intertubes which’ll come in handy. I’m also going to make a list of actually probably useful Sporcle quizzes (instead of the ‘type all the numbers from 1-100’ and ‘Harry Potter Top 200’ ones) that I can use for training.

I wonder if I’ll ever have the capacity to be surrounded by spreadsheets and quiz books and flash cards and whatnot and actually be able to learn from them, instead of just picking things up in a Simpsonian way (see above) kind of way* and thinking that listening to Stephen Fry’s every word will make me a genius too. I couldn’t even do the former as a student. Explains the stellar B average, mind.

(*’There’s Taylor, there’s Tyler, there’s Fillmore, and there’s Hayes…there’s William Henry Harrison. “I died in 30 days!”‘ has come in handy in a few drills, though.)

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