#100BM Day 46

Atoning (a bit) for my alimentary overdoings by having a bowl of oatmeal with berries, cinnamon, and a dollop of butter. One of the (until recently frozen) strawberries was not good, weirdly sour and off.

Now I suspect all of them. Bastards.

Do you reckon that my current plan of trying to cut down on coffee is going to work? I drink a bucket in the morning, switch to tea for a few hours, then have another, smaller bucket after lunch, then only non-caffeinated things for the rest of the day.

With any luck, and a lot of willpower, I can soon have the caffeine portacath removed permanently.

Went to the chiropractor yesterday and when I told him about my recent back woes when he was doing my adjustment, he actually said ‘Huh, yeah, I don’t know what you did.’ That was awfully encouraging. He knocked me about a bit (mostly my hips), which seems to have helped a lot. Enough that I am going to run after work today.

I am also after five months of delay going to bloody go to a yoga class to address my tight hip flexors (sexy) and possibly too-short hamstrings.

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