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Dear (in no particular order) Sarah Millican, Danielle Ward, Holly Walsh, Shappi Khosandi, Jo Brand, Lucy Porter, and Susan Calman,

I know that it can be rough out there for women comics, more especially in North America even, but this disappointed me greatly:


Zoofest is part of Just for Laughs. Of these shows, three were solo women standups. There were less than a handful of other shows with women in them. That ain’t right.

Perhaps even more criminally, the Britcom galas? For which thousands of people, including hundreds of Brits (ex-pat and otherwise), bought tickets? Was a roster of eight men (including host Jimmy Carr). That ain’t right either, especially as some routines, while not quite misogynist, definitely could have used a counterpoint – there were plenty of stories about wives and girlfriends and their quirks and myriad irritating ladyhabits. Also, British women are really fucking funny and their presence was missed.

I know that you marvellous women are busy trying to get a word in on Mock the Week and pursuing your successful tours, radio and television appearances, and writing projects, but please, please, please come to Montréal next year. Just for Laughs is the biggest comedy festival in North America and, while you might not be interested in global superstardom, you would be most welcome and laughed at/with. Edinburgh and Melbourne are very expensive and far away for some poor Canadians (ie me) and we’d love to see you in a way for which you’d get paid, instead of just watching you on YouTube. I’ll even buy each of you an overpriced libation of your choice and/or make you some cupcakes.

Yours in ladysolidarity,

Dear Just for Laughs and Zoofest Organizers,

Figure out how to make this all happen, m’kay?



Edited to add a fortuitous coincidence: The very funny Caitlin Moran was on Q this morning. The interview is here.

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