Making lemonade from sweat and sheep and weevil food.


My mother would have been 68 years old today. I am only a bit sad about this so far, but the day is young(-ish, as I woke up from 4 to 5:30, then slept in until 8:45 when I got an email from my boss asking me to be in by 10:30 because a family emergency meant he couldn’t meet our HVAC dudes) and I feel out of sorts because I didn’t get to do trivia drills, yoga, Duolingo exercises, or staring into space while my coffee cooled down this morning. Brain not churning properly yet. It might be a good thing?

Last night, I had one of my typical Megan Overreaching Moments and signed up for the Ottawa Race Weekend half-marathon next May, even though BEFORE my (again not-great) half- a few weeks ago I was all ‘Fuck half-marathons, I should just focus on doing a good 10K or a bike thing instead’.

It’s like my brain and heart are at odds; logically, I know I can do well, train better, run faster, but my heart eventually gives up.

Not literally.


But maybe not this time?

I hope not this time.

Anyway, even if it’s a shit time (and I get a shit time), in honour of my mother’s memory (and here’s where I get weepy and make y’all feel guilty as fuq), I’ve decided to raise money for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation as part of the (seven months!) of run-up to the race itself. If you have a spare buck or six, and hate cancer and stuff, please donate here.

If you are able to donate more than $50, in addition to your getting a nice tax receipt, I will knit you a hat. If you are able to donate more than $80, I will make you some mittens. These will come from my (giant) stash of leftover yarns, but I’ve got all sorts of interesting odds and sods to make some pretty great things.

Winter is coming. You need more knitted things. And to help people with cancer.

Did I play the Dead Mum card effectively? DO YOU FEEL GUILTY ENOUGH?!

(Thank you!)

(I really should go back and figure out how many days into this 100BM I am.)

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