#100BM Day 69 (heh)  – 1 (oops).

Missed a day yesterday.  I wish I had a reasonable excuse, but does watching five hours of ‘Daredevil’  after work count? Debatable.

Went to an amateur comedy night/competition with J, A, and C^2. Despite my general love of things comedic, just the words ‘amateur comedy’ chill me to the bone because there is SO much bad and I have never been great with dealing with hacks or failure or other people’s awkwardness.

But it was fun and we knew one person on the bill who would obviously be great.  The others varied from lazy deer-in-the-headlights to obviously very quick and potentially destined for big things (if the Canadian comedy scene were more robust).

Typing this from my phone because the cat is snoozing on my chest.  Because it’s after 10:30 and it’s time to party.  SATURDAY NIIIIGHT.

Now where’s my Benadryl. The neighbours’ trees and their beautiful flowers have been suckerpunching me all day and it’s time to sleep it off yo.

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