This morning is full of stuff like running, chocolate-buying, and exchanging a broken freezer (after ten days – thanks, lazybones supplier!), plus, I found out yesterday that my boss is actually back in the country (like, forever) as of today, not Thursday. Nice of him to make that clear, eh?
My boss’s wife works for Foreign Affairs and they’ve been posted abroad for the better part of seven years. I’ve been in my current position for about four years. Although the boss is very hands-on from his computer by the pool (where I imagine he works) and comes to town two weeks out of every two months, his being there, like, all the time is going to be a huge adjustment. Mostly because it means I have to keep things tidier (a huge challenge) to escape his niggling and I won’t be able to sing in my office as much without embarrassment. I also fear when he gets bored because it means questions like ‘When was the last time someone cleaned all the phone receivers? Can you get the staff on that?’ or ‘So, can you explain how Facebook is working for us? I’m never going to go on it, so I’m still not sure I understand. Are we using hashtags?’

(As irritating as that last thing sounds, it also happens frustratingly often. He is not anti-technology, but social media is just ‘pointless’ (on a personal, rather than professional level) in his eyes, so it’s my job. Yay.)

Anyway, anxiety necessitates exertion, and since it’s Podcast Tuesday, I will have good company.

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