Martha and the Vendellas


Phone blog again today because the promised storms haven’t started and it’s too grimily humid and hot to turn on a desktop computer today in a room without air-conditioning.

Got heat stroke yesterday (mild, thankfully) and a sunburn from biking when it was ridiculously bakey and muggy; the Humidex topped out somewhere around 43 Celsius (109 Fahrenheit). This made me even more annoyed to not be in Scotland. I was fairly delighted to need to buy a woolly hat in August while waiting at the John O’Groats ferry. My friends Ali and Chris are in Estonia (or possibly Finland) right now. I am ridiculously jealous and definitely missing the northern seas.

The result of heat stroke was barely moving all evening, eating ice cream for dinner, and generally feeling very stupid. Not just because I let it happen, but because my brain was actually addled, or perhaps coddled. I tried watching X2 on television and spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out if I was actually watching a sequel – despite Magneto being imprisoned and Nightcrawler being in it – because finding the remote or my phone required too much energy.

My brother came upstairs and said ‘Why are you watching this on television? We have the DVD.’

‘I won’t stand for that kind of nonsense. Or anything else, really.’

Is what I wish I had said.

‘That’s toooo faaaaaaaar awaaaaay.’

Is more or less what I did say.

Not my best Saturday, I must admit. I also had a disastrous quiz. Diabolically bad. Ugh. The less said about that, the better. I’ll blame the sun for that too.

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