Marvin Berry and the Starlighters.*


Yesterday marked the 365th day in a row of daily blogging. I’m not gonna get too self-reflexive and airy-fairy on your asses today, but here are some things I learned:

1. About 10% of the time, if I commit to something, I can see it through to conclusion. (See also failed attempt at logging movies seen this year.)

2. It’s okay to take up something and not excel at it. (See also archery.)

3. I write best when only slightly calmed down from a recent aggrievement.

4. Some people find me amusing.

5. Some people find me informative.

6. Some people find me neither.

7. Some people found me either (or both), but don’t seem to any longer. (Or just got busy with other things to do.)

And that’s all cool.

I wrote 129,782 words in that time.

The most frequent referrals from search engines were ‘dean pelton oscar’ (most of which came in the three weeks after the Academy Awards) and variations on ‘benedict cumberbatch’ ‘benedict cumberbatch broody’ and ‘benedict cumberbatch wants children’. My favourite referrals were ‘how do i deal with a friend who is doom and gloom all the time’, ‘curses about megan’,’megan mcleod has a delicious arse’ (no joke – also, what’s wrong with you?)), and ‘is suri and miltilda friends’ (I hope so).

The most read entries were ‘Oscar WINNER Dean Pelton‘ (thanks, Google), ‘Benedict Cumberbatch‘ (ditto), ‘Rights to lady parts‘, ‘Variations on the Leslie Knope/Liz Lemon School‘ and ‘Eating‘. (None of which were written in the last six months. Oh dear. But these do include two of these are my favourite entries too, so yay! (I’ll leave you to guess which ones.))

I’m gonna continue writing here most days, but not on days when I’m not feeling it (there really are a lot of shit stop-gaps in these pages). I’m uncertain as to how far I’ll get with that since I won’t have the ‘DAMMIT, I don’t have an entry up today, MUST COMPLETE MISSION’ deadline-type thing hanging over my head. But I also need to make time to write something more structured than a ramble. I want to do…something with a very minor talent and vague ambition. (Doesn’t everyone?)

So yay, readers, all six regulars and the several dozen irregular ones, thank you for following me through Blogquest 2011-12 (a name I’ve only just made up). It means a lot when I get a comment, even if I don’t reply to them because I’m a lazy jerk sometimes/often.

Right, to work. Here’s some Monkees for you, courtesy of a link Ali sent me this morning. Thanks, doll. Seriously, dude’s a GENIUS.

* Anyone else think that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale were insinuating that Chuck Berry would flat-out plagiarize a song?

4 thoughts on “Marvin Berry and the Starlighters.*

  1. Ron

    At least some of Mike’s original work made semi-regular appearances on the tv show. Sheer simple genius in under 2 minutes.

  2. Congrats on completing your mission. 2012 was a Leap Year so that means you rattled off 366 posts?
    Interesting article on Mike. I didn’t know any of that. I wonder if he ever tried to submit his music under a different name to see if he could get it published that way?

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