Mastering the American accent.


Coming up on my 200th daily entry in a row. I have been spending almost all my free time watching ‘Homeland’ or sleeping. You should watch it. I am watching the second half of episode 7 after I finish this terribly short gap-fillin’ entry. (I’m waiting on laundry.)

Minor quibbles, non-spoilery.

1. For someone who was supposed to be a POW for eight years, Nick is awfully fit. Not that I mind. Damian Lewis mostly naked is AOK by me.

2. Nick also an awful lot of fashionable clothes. I guess his wife could have kept replenishing his wardrobe, but she kinda didn’t think he was ever coming back.

3. The fictionalised CIA and military are shit at familial support.

4. Claire Danes went to high school with Morena Baccarin, who is also on the show. That’s not a quibble, just a ‘whoa, crazy’.

I might be crowd-sourcing a bit here tomorrow. The topic? Older people and social media.

3 thoughts on “Mastering the American accent.

  1. Amanda

    Isn’t Homeland amazing? It was my favorite show this year (along with the Good Wife)

    Yeah, I don’t care how Damian Lewis got that buff, but they can keep showing him shirtless next season, please. Maybe Al-Qaeda POWs have their own gym?

    • megan

      The Good Wife is one of those things I know I would like, but haven’t even begun to watch. I guess that’s what summer is for (aside from drinking beer in the backyard)!

      But seriously, yes, I’m not usually into superbuff guys, but I’ll make an exception for Mr Lewis.

  2. Amanda

    Megan, yes, you would love The Good Wife! It’s seriously good, smart TV! The writing is amazing, and there are several super strong, smart women. Also, there’s Josh Charles.

    Back to Homeland: what really got to me was how eager they were about making him a hero, and there seemed to be very little talk of PTSD. They had all these huge, public plans for Brody, but are they just assuming he came back unscathed after that horrible ordeal?

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