Mea culpaing.


I have written about weight in the past, with the authority of someone who has been fatter and thinner and has settled into this size and eats Snickers bars for lunch sometimes, and has run half-marathons at others. I am human. I do a lot of things that are good and bad for me (believe me, that last race was a bad idea).

Even at my heaviest, I did not encounter a lot of truly heinous discrimination, outside of things like not being about to find size 20 jeans that didn’t have tiny pockets that made my big butt look even more giant* or my grandmother tutting about my becoming morbidly obese like my mother. (My mother projected her food issues on me in many ways, but was far less overt in her tutting/disapproval. But her comments still stung.)

Anyway, because of some reactionary comments I made on FB and another online community yesterday, in response to some people who have faced actual, institutionalized fattist discrimination, and of which I am not terribly proud, it was time to revisit the Association for Size Diversity and Health’s website, which is linked with the Health At Every Size movement. Thinness and fatness aren’t terribly good indicators of actual health. Losing weight doesn’t cure chronic asthma. And yes, fat people are far more discriminated against than thin people. But, as with disparaging all men when it comes to feminism, I don’t think thin people should be made to feel excluded from any discussions of sizism and health. Hell, I often feel excluded and I’m still technically overweight (if you believe in the BMI, which I do not).

I have a lot of problems with feeling left out, though, and definitely could have written a book with this title.

Why did this all come up now? Because this woman is a jerk.

* Why do manufacturers to this? It’s ridiculous. I hate tiny pockets on all sized butts, mind you. THEY MAKE ALL BUTTS LOOK REALLY WEIRD. Also, plus size jeans don’t have waists. I mean, they do so that you can put them on, but I was still a bit hourglassy at 220lbs, and my jeans would be hulahooping from the gaps between them and my midsection. And do you think they make a nice belt for ladies at that size? Hells no. I’m a 14 and I still can’t find one in the ladies’ section.

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