Busy day ahead and my body is failing. It’s 23 degrees colder today (that’s in Celsius, y’all) than it was on Tuesday, but since the snow is all melted, all the grey goo left behind over the course of several weeks of normal spring is exposed to the world and making me miserable. Snow mold is gross. We need rain to wash it away. No, not just a bit like we got last night. Lots and lots.

My angry sinuses have led to a suspected ear infection. But! Probably as a result of Heathen Vegan Lent, I’m not that stuffed up; dairy’s a terrible thing for mucous building, as is my enemy soy. However, my sinuses need to do something in protest, so they just itch and ache all the fecking time.

That having been said, I have to try to go for a run today. Antihistamines do work a bit, but it’s still going to be fairly awful. Then I’m expected at a bowl-a-thon (two games qualifies as an ‘a-thon’?) that I haven’t done any fundraising for. Then it’s pub quiz (yay). Then…man, can I have another weekend? I have to be at work by 7:30 for the next couple of days and that’s just too early for my poor wee brain.

Clearly, I can’t write interesting or clever paragraphs this morning. Here are short summaries of thoughts on things that happened/are happening.

Re. Scrabble.
The afternoon bit wasn’t a tournament, but I did play a couple of games. Next year, I’ll definitely try the hardcore, full-day competition, though. Even if I lose terribly.

Re. The NDP leadership.
YAY! My fourth choice candidate won! Oh, wait…

Re. Dick Cheney’s heart transplant.
<insert Grinch joke here>

Re. The Hunger Games.
I liked, not loved, the books, but will be seeing the film because I think Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely amazing. Have y’all seen Winter’s Bone? It is grim, but excellent, and she is phenomenal in it.

Re. Trivia.
After barely doing anything for weeks (seriously), this weekend’s task was to memorise the Big Four Academy Awards (Picture, DIrector, Actor Actress) for 2000 through this year. Nearly there, with the bonus that I have committed most of the Supporting Actor/Actresses to memory as well. It’s also led to me sending non-sequitur text messages like ‘Remember when Renee Zellweger won an Oscar? That was weird.’

Re. Mike Daisey.
Fuck you. Fuck you for undermining the importance of questioning labour conditions in China (not to mention the integrity of several media outlets) for ‘theatre’ (and lies).

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