Minding the gaps (or other titles I’ve also already used).


(Holidailies Day #17)

TIL: My boss, who is by and large quite clever and very good at his job, actually didn’t know you could look up movie quotes on the IMDb, despite working in the movie business for decades and using that particular website almost since its inception in the early 1990s. (Bloody hell, has it been that long? I guess I used to post reviews there when I was still in high school, but still, yikes.)

How I learned this: Pedantic correction of a misquote from Casablanca that I made on a proof of our new program. Showed him the exact quote within seconds of his asking where I was ‘sure’ that what he wrote wasn’t correct. (I was sure before I looked it up.)

At least he didn’t think it was ‘Play it again, Sam’, which is both one of the most common misquotes from a classic film and the subject of the most mundane and oft-repeated fact about misquotes in classic films. Use it (at your work Christmas party, perhaps?) to bore people into unconsciouness. It’s almost as good as a Harry Potter spell. Petrificus totalus with a confondo twist.

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