Misnamed Hitchcock films.


(Holidailies Day #13)

The Empire State building was retrofitted with new windows in 2009 to save $400K/year on heating the thing. It cost $700 for each of its 6,514 windows to be upgraded.

How I learned this:
Looked it up after rewatching The Avengers. At one point, (spoiler alert) Thor uses the Chrysler building as a sort of lightning rod, and all the windows pretty much explode, which got me thinking about window replacement/maintenance in skyscrapers. The whole idea makes me wobbly-legged and nervous, but maybe you’re not too squeamish to watch a video of the window-washers at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

I’ve been up the Empire State Building twice despite my fear of heights/precipice/dropping things from ledge-type things. The second time I did it, I overheard another tourist ask a friend “How did the pigeons get up here?”

Elevator, obviously. Duh.

But her daftness did make me laugh/relax for a few seconds before panicking anew that NYC might have a freak, 86th story observation deck-level tornado at any moment.

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