In more than one sense, I’m feeling very dull. I’m about to go dip some chocolate gingerbread in chocolate, but had to ALERT THE PLANET that it snowed (a bit) here. And ponder some secrets of the universe.

We’ve had a bit of snow here and there since early November, but nothing’s really stuck. I don’t think this stuff will necessarily either, though seeing as the temperature is dropping another ten degrees overnight? Maybe it will? Some of it will? The stuff that people/dogs/squirrels won’t tread on might remain on Christmas day?

The big question here is whether or not it’d even be worth buying cross-country skis, as planned, in the post-Christmas sales if we aren’t going to have enough bloody snow to ski on. (Smaller question: Who wants to go tobogganing later in the season, snow permitting?!)

The house is still a complete sty, to the surprise of no one who has ever met me. Our tree is not up yet, but will go up, come hell or more snow, tonight. The party on Sunday has, oh, about four attendees confirmed, which is pathetic. However, the invitations were made via Facebook, which is even more pathetic, maybe, so people are refusing to RSVP on principle. Or just don’t check in there that often. Or, y’know, have families to visit on the Big Day. Bah! Humbug!

Of course, the big question here is whether it matters how ‘big’ Christmas is anyway. Having a few friends over for wine, appetizers, and a movie is perfectly fine. I secretly hope that folks will play Scrabble with me, though.

Maybe a weird thing for a person who manages a movie theatre to ask, but what should I see on Boxing Day, keeping in mind that I haven’t seen anything lately? I still haven’t watch The Muppets, for crying out loud. I’m also upset because Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sigh Spy hasn’t been released in Ottawa yet and I’m not sure when it will be. Also, how the hell is Jack & Jill still playing in town? Good lord.

The big movie quandary, aside from ‘Is the Cinematorium’s staff going to go totally crazy dealing with the crowds for The Artist?’, is whether the new Mission Impossible is worth seeing at the IMAX to check out the beginning bits of The Dark Knight Rises. Years later, I’m not sure it was worth seeing I Am Legend to see the opening sequence of The Dark Knight.

These are heady days, my friends. Also, damned expensive. $15.99 for a movie? I’ve never heard of such a stupid thing.

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